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Blues Musician, Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist

Neil Sadler's first professional recording was with the UK charting band ‘Sleeping Lions’. The band were signed to CBS, which later became Sony. Neil recorded at Air Studios founded by the legendary George Martin - the Beatles Producer; SARM East - Trevor Horn of The Buggles' studio and Maison Rouge, which was Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull's studios and others before opening his own - 'No Machine Studios'.  

Early in Neil's recording career he worked with outstanding Songwriters and Composers such as Guy Fletcher (BASCA) & Doug Flett, Don Black OBE,  Leslie David Reed OBE and Tony McCaulay (9 times Ivor Novello Award Winner) and honed his distinct sound and guitar style whilst recording and performing with blues and rock artists such as Larry Miller, Mike Farmer (USA), Dennis Siggery and Malaya Blue.

Solo Album Available Soon

Neil is putting the finishing touches to his first solo album entitled Past To Present

Neil and Ray welcome Kev as the newest member of The Neil Sadler Band.  Kev replaces Simon on Bass duties.  Kev has a vast experience of performing in bands in the Midlands and across the Home Counties.  Since moving to North Devon in 2011 Kev has worked with a couple of reputable local bands and most recently with Captal.






The Neil Sadler Band
are taking bookings

In 2022, Neil began re-recording a collection of songs that were written when he was performing and recording with other musicians / bands.  These collections will be available to purchase / download, in the near future. Or if you prefer to hear these live Neil and The Neil Sadler Band are performing around the UK.   

Based in North Devon but with family ties to other parts of the country The Neil Sadler Band have support wherever they go.  The band members are:

Neil Sadler - Lead Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter and Record Producer who has had a long career in music as a performer, recording artist as well as being the owner of 'No Machine Studios'.

Kev Langman - Bass Guitarist, has been performing for many years and draws upon his love of all music genres but notably rock and blues.  Influences include Free, Led Zeppelin and Rory Gallagher.

Ray Barwell - Drummer, has been in several bands in Guildford and North Devon including Lightyear, The Average Blues Band, Iguana Sunset, Tripswitch, The Buzz and a heavy rock band The Atomic Black.

Blues Matters, Apr/May 2023 Issue 131

Neil says

"2023 has been an interesting year, so far.  I made my final album with Dennis in February following the release of our album 'Testify'.  I received fantastic support from the blues community and in particular from many radio stations around the world that aired my music.  The album received a great review in the April / May edition of the Blues Matters magazine.  A copy of the write-up is here for you to read - if you are a fan of the blues then check-out this prestigious and influential publication."



"Over the years, I have performed and recorded many songs across many music genres and this has led to me being played on rock, rock 'n' roll and folk radio stations, too.  For several months, I was aired 2/3 times a day on one radio station or another, which was fun. This has inspired me to put a collection of folk tracks together for an album.  For those that like to follow my music this may be of interest to you.  I have an album of Robert Johnson songs coming out, too.  This is the second half of a project that I began when writing and performing with the band Blue Touch.  I am immensely excited to be putting out my first Neil Sadler album.



Neil says

"A song that I co-wrote with Malaya Blue has been listed for consideration of a Grammy Award!  I am really grateful to Steve Yourglivch and Malaya Blue for giving me this opportunity to be involved in a small way."    



"My band and I have been testing the water in our local area resulting in great reviews.  We look forward to performing some new songs - some of which are from my forthcoming album, which is currently untitled - news relating to this will be released sometime soon."

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