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Early Achievements

'Neil Sadler' was given his first acoustic guitar at the age of 8 and later on as he became hooked on the music of Led Zeppelin he was drawn into the world of playing Rock, Blues and R 'n' B. Neil at the age of 14, with an old Grundig, began a life-long interest of recording which inspired some early demos of him with bands such as Hazzard and The Moonwalkers.


In 1981, Neil had recording success as a pop-charting artist with the band ‘Sleeping Lions’. They were signed to CBS - a major record label at the time which later became Sony.  it is fair to say that Neil was disillusioned with the industry during this decade and working for himself on his own terms was the obvious career direction for him.  In 1987, 'The UK Blues Project' formed out of his musical roots.


Neil set up his own recording studios in 1994 – ‘No Machine Studios‘.  One of Neil's first album recordings of himself in his own studios was with 'The UK Blues Project', where he played Lead Guitar on their album 'No Rush'. 

'Eric Street Band' 
(2007 to 2016) 
'Dennis Siggery and Neil Sadler'

Since the early days of recording in No Machine Studios, Neil has recorded albums with many bands.  What is not widely known is that Neil co-wrote the lyrics, composed the music and played all of the instruments on all the recordings of 'Dennis Siggery'; 'Eric Street Band' and 'Dennis Siggery and Neil Sadler'. 


This partnership began when Neil assisted with writing and acted as session musician, arranger, engineer and producer on the three solo albums of ‘Dennis Siggery'.  Their partnership continued when they formed 'Eric Street Band' with Neil co-writing and playing all instruments under pseudo names on their next ten albums.  Their final album being 'Across The Board', in 2016.  Commitments Neil had at the time prevented him from carrying on, however, Dennis continued with a different line-up. 


Their collaborations have produced albums, which have gained them global airplay and music industry recognition.  More recently, they have recorded three albums under their own names -

‘Dennis Siggery and Neil Sadler’: 'Half and Half', 'HIgher Ground' and 'Testify'.  


The Neil Sadler Band

Based in North Devon The Neil Sadler Band can be seen performing at local / charity events as well as larger concerts and festivals around the UK and abroad.

Neil Sadler - Lead Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter and Record Producer has had a long career in music as a performer, recording artist as well as being the owner of 'No Machine Studios'.

Simon (Geezer) Mednick - Bass Guitarist fell in love with playing bass at the age of 15, when he heard that bass whoop on The Stranglers' 'Hanging Around', back in 1977.  Since then, he has provided the 'chunky bottom' in many different bands from punk to prog-rock and all points in between.  

Ray Barwell - Drummer has been in several covers bands in Guildford and North Devon including Lightyear, The Average Bllues Band, Iguana Sunset, Tripswitch, The Buzz and a heavy rock band The Atomic Black.

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